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Berg Is The Word

Jody's Dually

I bet your job is just like working on the maternity ward (except for all the blood and guts).  You help give birth to these bikes and  people take them home and then love to come back with pictures showing you how cute their bike is and telling you all the cool things their bike did.  Just like with the BABIES!  Well, I will get some "baby" pictures to you.

I feel like I need to have my say about my Berg bike:

You know how home-made chocolate chip cookies are WAAAAAAYYY better than store bought chocolate chip cookies?  So much better, in fact that there really is no comparison!  Its the same way with a custom Berg Bike versus a store bought bike - no comparison!
I love moist, chewy home-made chocolate chip cookies and I REALLY LOVE my superfast, superlight, supercool Titanium Berg Bike!  Its exactly what I want in a bike - the perfect fit, the perfect suspension, high quality workmanship and just the right amount of bling .  Best of all, the Berg Bikes are home-made by a supercool guy!
Thanks Al! 


Al's note:  Thanks Jody. I've never had someone pick up their bike in clothing that matched their bike so well....  I guess that was the first indicator that this Ti Bergtana was going to be the perfect bike for you!

Jody's BikeJody

Ken's Rando Rig

Hi, Al!

Quotes for BERG website:

·        I used to think having a custom-built road bicycle was an ego-trip, but my new custom-built titanium BERG fits, feels and performs much more efficiently than my previous high-end bicycles (steel, aluminum  & titanium)
·        My BERG is significantly more comfortable over rough pavement;  the power in my legs feels like it is being channelled into full forward thrust – standing or sitting on uphill climbs, or hammering on flat roads
·        My BERG is very stable on fast descents  at speeds up to 80 kph (50 mph), loaded or unloaded on smooth or bumpy pavement
·        I love my BERG!   All my other ‘off the rack’, high-end road bikes feel like ‘clunkers’ compared to my BERG
·        After a year of riding my BERG 30,000 km (18,600 miles) it is always my bike of choice!

UltraMarathon Cycling Association (UMCA) Year Rounder – most validated annual mileage – 2006 – 50,600 km (31,444 miles)  http://www.ultracycling.com/standings/umcstandings2006.html ; and top annual mileage for years 2007, 2008 & 2009

Course record holder – Rocky Mountain 1200k  -2008 – 50h 34m  -- http://randonneurs.bc.ca/rocky/rm_tr_ar_2008.html

·        BC Randonneurs Bicycle Club – ‘Iron-butt’ record holder  --  top annual brevet mileage from 2002 to 2010 (except for 2009).  Set record of 16,150 km on my new BERG in 2010

UMCA record holder for:
o   Victoria to Port Hardy – 17h 01m -- http://www.ultracycling.com/records/staterecords.html (bottom of page)
o   Port Hardy to Victoria – 21h 40m -- http://www.ultracycling.com/records/staterecords.html (bottom of page)
o   Victoria to Port Hardy to Victoria – 38h 41m  http://www.ultracycling.com/records/staterecords.html (bottom of page)
o   Vancouver to Calgary – 39h 47m -- http://www.ultracycling.com/records/otherrecords.html (bottom of page)
o   Calgary to Vancouver – 40h 01m -- http://www.ultracycling.com/records/otherrecords.html (bottom of page)

Ken's BergKen with Berg

Me and My Bergercross

Hi Al.
Happy b-lated Father's Day to ya. I'm here chilling after another rip on the Bergercross. I've got a set of slicks on 'er.  Been riding it everywhere for just about everything. In fact, I'm selling my handbuilt french road bike cause it's just collecting dust. The Berg is quick, so quick to respond to input. That CS bridge was a good call, no doubt.  Owned a dozen bikes, never had something so light feel so solid. We all have sections that we key into, mine is the causeway through Stanley. The west sidewalk is lumpy and fast with some quick corners. On the road bike, I couldn't carry on without the brake checks, but the Berg just inspires so much confidence.

Some say it's not the arrow, it's the Indian but this bike defies a lot of that. With a couple sets of wheels, a ti cross bike such as this puts every drop bar rig you own to rest. Name it - a tour, wet commute, crit, off-camber grass, gravel road...it's all your onion with this.

There's a ton of guys out kickin tires, trying to figure it out. It's easy to make things complicated with a quiver of arrows, but this is simple like a Jon Swift diddy...

Anywho, it's been a while and again I wanted to compliment your fine work. What's new on your end ?


Berg Bike cyclocrossBerg Bike cyclocross

Young Again

Hey Al

"Riding the bike you built me makes me feel 20 again!"


Berg Bike Dual suspension, titanium

6500 km

Hi Al,

I thought you might like this picture.  It was taken at Crater Lake in Oregon near the end of a 3 day 1000 km trip from Seattle, down the Oregon Coast, through Roseburg and finishing in Klamath Falls.

My Berg has turned out to be an excellent long distance machine.  I have 2 600s, 2 1000s, and a 1200 under its wheels so far this year.  Plus a number of shorter rides to bring the total on my Berg to about 6500 km.  It's most endearing feature is that I am finding it more comfortable than any other bike I have ridden.  I finish the long rides with less fatigue, and without a sore butt, than I used to on my other Rando bikes.

Take care,


Berg Bike