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Know Your Builder

Al Bergman was born (1974) and raised in Victoria, BC.  Outside of a handful of years being beaten up by Saskatchewan farmboys chasing the hockey dream, or recovering from that experience skiing his butt off in the Canadian Rockies, he’s an Island boy through and through.  In 1995 Al got his first real mountain bike and upon realizing there was no coach to limit his “icetime” or big dudes trying to pummel his face in, he fell in love with the sport.  Always the dreamer….Al quickly started visualizing being at the top of the pack in the elite mountain biking world and by 2000 was in the top 10 in BC!  That dream was thrown a curve ball when just before the end of the year 2000 season while working as a forest fire fighter he fell off a cliff and became a paraplegic.  In 2003 while taking a “research course” in bicycle framebuilding with hopes of someday building handcycles Al refound the bicycle passion he had been missing since the accident.  Over the next couple years he began scrounging and putting together his shop with hopes of returning to the bicycle industry someday, this time as a bicycle framebuilder.  In 2005 he made his first three bikes, one for his wife Steph, his brother and another friend and in 2006 Berg Bikes Ltd was launched and has been going strong ever since!  (those first three bikes are still going strong too!)
When not building bikes, Al can be found hanging around the one acre hobby farm with Steph and their newest addition (2010) baby Monique, and in increasing amounts back on the road riding his latest creation, a handcycle for himself (FINALLY!)
It also might be nice to note that Al did return to elite sports after the accident.  Jumping into a racing wheelchair almost out of the hospital.  Once he learned how to go straight (or keep his head up (doh!)) managed to find himself representing Canada in wheelchair marathon at the Paralympics in Greece (2004) , International Paralympic meets in Finand, and the Paralympic world Athletic meet in the Netherlands.  Finishing 13th in Athens, and 1st in Finland.  (we won’t relive the crash in the Netherlands!)
In 2007 Al decided to focus on Berg Bikes, the business and has been having loads of fun with that ever since!

Al Bergman Athens 2004 Paralympics