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Steel frames start at $1700

These frames will be made up of a custom blend of Columbus Life, Zona and Dedacciai tubing.  Picking a tubeset is kind of like trying to match a fine wine to the occasion.  The choices are infinite, and after being in the industry for some time now I definitely have my favorites.  But I always approach things with an open mind and have a lot of fun creating something that will best suit your needs.  (You know you’re a custom framebuilder when: you can have an hour-long conversation with someone about “Butts”….I mean butted tubes)

Titanium frames start at $3000.

I’ve always had this romance with Titanium, even before I got into manufacturing.  Now that I work with it, I can honestly say I love the material even more.  But I’m also cautious of its intricacies too, as it is a material that deserves care and respect when working with it.  I do feel that if you can do it, titanium is one of the best choices for making a bike frame.  Super light, extremely tough and durable and dead sexy when simply polished with a scotchbright pad or blasted in my bead blasting cabinet with polishing glass bead..  And most importantly….let’s not forget the ride quality:  super smooth and vibration absorbing yet still plenty stiff for putting the hammer down!

The Base prices above are starting points,  and besides the custom fit and design, will cover almost everything needed for your bike:

  • Two H20 Bosses
  • Disc or rim brake mounts
  • External cable routing
  • Machined head tube
  • JP Wiegle Framesaver application on inside walls of Steel frames (rust prevention)
  • S-bend seat and chainstays if applicable
  • For Steel frames: $300 credit towards wet paint (Toxik Design Lab)  or Powdercoating: Spectrum Powdercoating in Colorado

Your frame is custom, so we can add whatever you would like to your design.  To get a price on these things shoot me a call or an email to discuss, because every frame here is different!   Some of the things commonly added and their additional cost:

  • Really really fancy paint jobs from Toxik or Spectrum  ($150-400)
  • Specialty shaped tubing   ($100)  (shaped tubing is only available with steel)
  • Rack and Fender Mounts   ($20)
  • S & S couplers            ($600)
  • Internal brake cables  ($100)
  • Paragon Slider Dropouts  ($150 - $200)